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About us

Over rule is a Luxury Eco-Conscious brand, designing timeless minimal pieces, ethically made in Portugal in limited quantities, with innovative skin-friendly certified natural and recycled fibers.

Each collection provides long-lasting wardrobe investment essentials, designed to give you a supportive

smoothing fit, delivering the most comfortable and second-skin feel. 

Founded in 2021 by Bibiana Almeida, passionate for sustainable living, that strives to bring a slow fashion approach to a forever wardrobe that has a low impact on our Planet, by combining sustainability, simplicity with expert craftsmanship. 

The ultimate goal is to continuously capture the essence of conscious entrepreneurship in each detail that involves the brand, from ethical manufacturing, to recycled packaging, local sourcing and above all giving back.

A commitment to empower conscious consumerism and permanently invest on an innovative sustainable path.

It’s more than just a label; it’s an attitude, a way of life, a choice to be proud in knowing that what you wear has a positive impact on you and our Planet.


The Brand

"I believe that there is power in our individual choices and actions. It falls in each one of us to change our habits, and start consuming with a more responsible mindset. With OverRule, I want to give people that choice, by bringing a sustainable approach to our daily outfits. It’s time to bring positive change to the fashion industry, so this is my opportunity to lead by example"

Founder & Creative Director

Bibiana C. Almeida

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